Belle Starr

How the West was won plus one plus one: meet Belle Starr, the talented new trio of Stephanie Cadman, Kendel Carson and Miranda Mulholland. The band’s namesake outlaw is a stereotype-flaunting renegade who did hard time for horse theft. Perhaps the fugitive Belle Starr is an extreme role model, but for a group that spent one of their first music video shoots learning how to hotwire a car, the Bandit Queen provides a certain kind of rebellious inspiration.

Make no mistake: Belle Starr is a band that defies expectations. Uniting three of Canada’s top fiddlers, their first full-length album presents a cleverly curated collection of top-quality tunes, an unexpected repertoire rooted in their impeccable taste in modern music. From treasured Canadian indies to the marquee icons, Belle Starr puts their twist on the old time folk resurgence, tuning their fiddles to the more recent past.